L-Cloud Focus Group (Greece)

In early September of 2019, a Focus Group was organized, in the context of L-CLOUD project, in Doukas School. The purpose of this activity was to validate the results from Output 2 that will play a main role in the development of Output 3.

The Focus Group was carried out in 3 phases:

  1. An e-focus group via Skype with 3 Participants (4/9/2019).
  2. A focus group of 4 Doukas School Teachers (6/9/2019),
  3. A focus group of 3 Doukas School, Projet Vert Members (13/9/2019),

The participants were 6 Teachers that fit the project’s target group (positions with enhanced responsibilities, leading roles and involvement in international projects with cloud-based communication and collaboration, etc.), 2 School Principals, 1 Vice Principal and 1 University Professor.

To view the presentation click here

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