Priorities and Objectives

Horizontal & Sectoral Priorities

  1. Open education and innovative practices in a digital era
  2. Development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences
  3. Strengthening the profile(s) of the teaching profession


L-Cloud is designed to promote the leadership for change and is aiming at:

  1. Developing Guidelines for Skills and Competences for Adaptive Education Cloud Leaders - During this process, the partners will filter the results from SoC Network project and will extract the information needed. They will also utilize guidelines developed in partner countries, in Europe and Internationally for preparing this qualification framework.
  2. Developing a Qualification Framework for Education Cloud Leaders based on Skills and Competence. This process includes the definition and validation of the competence framework as well as the definition of an International Professional Certification Programme.
  3. Designing a course for developing adaptive education cloud leaders